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    What bait? That it is about appeasement to racists? That the numbers are obviously lowballed, if even you look at wikipedia, that states that the most recent estimates are ""with midrange figures of 2,450 in active duty and 1,510 in reserves." Or the other bait that it is about race, religion, or sexual orientation, when, I am quoting a human rights org, ""Being transgender does not imply any specific sexual orientation. Therefore, transgender people may identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc."

    Or is it about the bait on the trans issue? That it is immediately framed as a matter of bigots, even when the main type of arguments against transgender inclusion is primarily about financing medical costs.

    For a majority of transgender persons, simply living a stable life requires extensive medical treatment and clinical assistance. ^72 Necessary care normally includes “ongoing psychotherapy and counseling sessions, periodic hormone treatment, long-term electrolysis sessions, periodic outpatient body-countering procedures, and other medically necessary procedures to effectuate and maintain the transition from one sex to another.” ^73 Required hormone therapy may range from infrequent to weekly or even daily depending on one’s physical composition. ^74 Hormone treatments further regulate a range of physiological functions, including one’s “mood, eating, and sleeping.” ^75 Without such therapeutic intervention, transgender personnel can suffer extensive psychological trauma that not only interferes with their well-being, but also the well-being of co-workers or people in close physical proximity. ^76

    Of significance to military service, especially in deployed areas or field training settings, hormone treatments can, and frequently do, result in significant complications. For example, estrogen therapy has resulted in the increased risk of thromboembolic disease, myocardial infarction, breast cancer, abnormal liver function, and fertility problems. ^77 Testosterone therapy likewise results in the increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, abnormal liver function, renal disease, endometrial cancer, and osteoporosis. ^78

    Costs of accommodating the unique needs of transgender servicemembers under a repealed DADT would be monumental, especially considering the price tag accompanying gender reassignment surgery. The costs of hormone therapy, simply in preparation for the operation, can range from $300 to $2,400 per year, ^79 while surgery on just the genitals costs approximately $15,000. ^80 More extensive work on the genitalia, face, and chest may exceed $50,000, solely for those procedures, ^81 exclusive of the psychotherapy required to acclimate to the demands of this tremendous transition. These costs also do not contemplate corrective surgery, which is often required for procedures of this sensitive nature, especially the construction of a prosthetic penis in a female-to-male conversion and treatment for urinary tract infections.^82



    As people who are backing this policy, are talking about how it is not about the right to fight for the country, but whether or not is cost effective to train a soldier who comes with X medical bills, particularly if they need to fight in active deployment, where the timeline of medical transitio...

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      Yeah, because if there's anything Trump's about it's fiscal prudence. The Know-Nothing bigotry's just for appearance' sake.

      it is sad, though, to see you try to rationalize Republican red meat like this on the basis of sheer ignorance that there's, my stars and whiskers, ever been any kind of bullying or mistreatment of trans people.

      Predicating it on the basis of Trump's famous thrift, that's rich.