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Published 3 years ago with 11 Comments
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  • sjvn

    I recall when the NRA was a sane group that was all about making the best, safest use of guns. This NRA is just batshit crazy.

    • joethebob

      It's rather odd that the protection of unfettered gun sales somehow is directly connected to:

      "It’s time for us to admit that radical Islam is a hate crime waiting to happen. The only way to defeat them is to destroy them — not destroy the right of law-abiding Americans to defend ourselves."

      So we just need to destroy an entire nebulously defined religious sect to preserve gun rights.

  • blueish

    I don't know if they blamed 'political correctness' per say, even though that was a quote linked in the article. I think the last part was the most relevant to what's going on right now: "Radical Islamic terrorists are not deterred by gun control laws".

    Because even if the rifles like the one used in the shooting are banned, criminals will find a way to get their hands on them, gun control laws or not.

    • joethebob

      The terrorist in Orlando had been investigated multiple times by the FBI. He had a government-approved security guard license with a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. Yet his former co-workers reported violent and racist comments. Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s political correctness prevented anything from being done about it.

      Ehh, sounds fairly spot on.

      • RoamingGnome

        "Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s political correctness prevented anything from being done about it."

        Uh, no. The pro-gun-with-no-responsibility lobby is directly responsible for this shit.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

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