• HappyApple

    To be fair, my dad was the "FBI is watching me all the time" kind of guy. He was genuinely right about it sometimes because he was actually doing some really illegal shit; locals and feds definitely sent people undercover to him and even me. So his paranoia was this weird mix of reality and fantasy. He was doing a lot of coke in his "prime" and, towards the end, meth. Both are known for inducing paranoia, so it was like taking a normally skeptical guy with a problem with authority and amplifying it ten-fold, but then actually having some of the delusions become reality or be reality all along. I don't think most of it was based on evidence or anything, he just kind of got lucky.

    Hell, before he got busted he was so out of his fucking mind that he fired FOUR lawyers in a row because he thought they were working with the feds. The reason he thought this is because one of them very well might have been.

    I had originally typed a lot more than this, but I'm not exactly sober right now and no one wants to read my ramblings about this shit. I am actually thinking about writing a book about my dad and growing up around him, though. He went from the projects to the suburbs and being incredibly wealthy (especially considering he had 5 kids), but then wasted it all on drugs and women and went to prison for the first time in his life at 66. He's this weird version of rags-to-riches-to-rags.