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Published 5 years ago by Zeus with 3 Comments

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  • snakepaws

    Been looking forward to Bone Tomahawk for a while. Almost too much. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    Ctrl+F "The Burrowers" - phew. Definitely recommended for fans of the genre.

    • Zeus

      As a Kurt Russell fan, Bone Tomahawk sounds fantastic.

      One movie the author did miss is Dead Birds (2004), a civil war-era heist turned phantasmal horrorfest. Some of the scares are probably a bit dated by now (CGI faces), but the creature effects were really memorable. It supposedly has a lot in common with Robert E. Howard's weird tale Pigeons from Hell, but I haven't read that one yet.

      • snakepaws

        I actually have Dead Birds on my to-watch list, which is admittedly too long to probably ever complete - especially with new movies coming out all the time.

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