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Published 8 years ago by YourTaxGuy with 3 Comments

Comics, original show, or Fear the Walking Dead?

Which one are you into?

  • Hi Walking Dead fans!

    So let's hear what you're into. Have you read all of the comics? Have you watched all of the original The Walking Dead series? Are you looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead?

    Personally, I have not read the comics, but I have watched the original show, and I'm going to watch the new one.

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  • Mecael

    I'm up-to-date on the Volumes as that's what I buy... and also the TV show.

    I feel as if they're totally separate stories at this point just with the same source material.

    I haven't yet looking into the spin-off what's the premise?

    • YourTaxGuy

      Spinoff should be a similar type of show, just based on Los Angeles. I'll find a trailer and post it here.

      • Mecael

        Ah cool, sounds interesting.

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