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Published 6 years ago by VoyagerXyX with 9 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    They have selected the new president.

    • VoyagerXyX

      I haven't seen this? Can you snap something? Or link? ^_^

    • natnatskie

      As far as I know, they haven't yet, although there are speculations as to who will replace Satoru Iwata

      News here

    • bodaciouskeanu

      Poetic in a way?

  • Pockets69 (edited 6 years ago)

    the Vatican has the white smoke, Nintendo has a rainbow... Makes sense! :)

  • thinkerbell

    Everybody do yourself a favor and click "Translate" when you open the page. The inaccuracy of the translations is just delightful.

  • FPSWalrus

    dang, this is the one time i wanted someone to fall off rainbow road iwata come back :(

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