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Published 5 years ago by VoyagerXyX with 2 Comments

Monster Hunter X Gameplay Part 1

Gameplay from the new Monster Hunter Game for 3DS, check it out!


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  • Rathenix

    I'm so beyond excited for this. I've been a hunter since PS2 and have thousands of hours lovingly poured into this series. My one fear is that this is turning into a yearly series. 4U took the series to a whole new level by adding that third dimension of gameplay, and X looks to expand on that even further, which is great, but MH still has a lot of online usability issues that I hope they try and resolve. For example, true online rooms with more than 4 hunters in them at a time. Or voice chat even. The more cinematic moves were a great addition. Something that fits really well into the series. I am really looking forward to it.

    • VoyagerXyX

      Same here but I'm totally with you. If they are going to make this an annual title at the very least they should make the games a little shorter and a little less expensive. Episodic even maybe? There is SO MUCH content in every MH game and no one is ever going to experience it all OR they are going to miss titles because they are still working on old ones. I think shortening them up is key if they're going to start releasing these more often, as you said.

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