• kxh (edited 1 month ago)

    Just an odd thing here. How come some of the letters in the description appear to be bold? In particular only the letters "aAcCop"? I don't think I've seen this on any other snaps.

    Those letters appear to be light-faced in the source.

    What is happening exactly?

    When I examine the text carefully I see:
    H 320 260 l l 320 276 w e e n   s e e m s   320 260 n   320 260 321 200 321 200 r 320 276 321 200 r i 320 260 t e   t i m e

    How does this happen and what encoding is it?

    • kxh (edited 1 month ago)

      I did some research and found those letters are unicode Cyrillic letters. Unicode іѕ quite ѕтгаиgе.