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[You Should Buy] LEGO Worlds

Unlimited LEGO bricks. Play inside your creations. Never step on another LEGO ever again. What more could you ask for?

  • For a very long time, people have been buying LEGO sets and using the mulicolored bricks inside to build whatever their imagination could conjure up. However, I'm of the mind to want more- build more, build higher, build better. I obviously couldn't afford to buy all the sets I needed for my grand schemes, so it never went anywhere. However, LEGO decided to make this game. In effect, it's an upgraded Minecraft. You get to build whatever you want wherever you want, and then play in it. You spawn in a randomly generated world as a minifigure, and then proceed to do whatever you want. In Minecraft, that would be either building or exploring. In LEGO Worlds, you can do that... and much more. You can explore the world and collect LEGO studs to unlock bricks, characters, and vehicles to use in your game. This means that you can later come back and instead of walking to your destination, you can ride a dragon there, or get in a giant drill vehicle and go through that pesky mountain!

    There are two ways to build in LEGO Worlds: You can do it block-by-block for precision and detail, or build en masse a la terraforming for, well.. terraforming. Easily create mountains and giant figures with a flick of your mouse. This is a huge advantage over Minecraft since you'd spend hours and hours creating terrain, but here you can do so without the time hassle or mods. This game acts like an infinite game box. You have a Minecraft-like world that is randomly generated and full of mobs like skeletons, houses and other pre-fab structures, and plenty of LEGO terrain. You can either wander around and explore as a minifigure in a free-roam sandbox... or you can build stuff first.

    Here is where LEGO Worlds excels over Minecraft and any other sandbox game, like for example GTA V. You can craft and mine in Minecraft and you can play a bunch of things in GTA, but you're always limited. In Minecraft, it's the amount of things you can do and the time required to make them. I know for sure that I'll never make a giant sculpture in MC because building it block by block is an absolute time-sink. In GTA V, you can play a lot of things and it's a wonderful game, but eventually you get tired of going on shooting sprees and getting killed by the cops, or going on the hundreth job your party drags you on. Here, you can do whatever you want. You can build a huge castle, populate it with monsters, and have yourself a nice medieval adventure. You want to build a big sculpture? No problem, there's a bulk tool in the interface that you can use to build with a ton of bricks at once, not one by one. You want to simply mess around? LEGO Worlds gives you a bunch of vehicles, animals, and minifigure options to explore your world. The only downside is that this is single-player, but it doesn't matter much when you have an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks at your disposal!

    LEGO Worlds has a special place in my wishlist since it's symbolic of my childhood. I bet most of us played with LEGOs, and so you guys would understand how awesome it is to create your own playground- making castles, ruins, high tech cars, etc. Even though it was great to see the LEGO set you bought completed before you, it's always so much more rewarding to make your own building and create whatever it is you want. And hey, at $15... you can't go wrong!

    LEGO Worlds Steam Store Page


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  • SuperCyan

    From what I've seen and what I've heard, it seems like a pretty good game. Although, I've heard about performance issues as well - especially with the DX11 version.

    That aside, it's a really cool concept. The closest game to is it obviously Minecraft, but it's not really a clone. Minecraft's biggest weakness is the actual building aspect of the game. Everything's cubes, except for maybe a stair case or a fence, which forces players to either upscale their work, or lose fine detail. The developers of LEGO: Worlds seem to play on this weakness, making the concept of this game pretty interesting. Now, rather than having one game that does PvP and multiplayer pretty well, but lacks in building ability, there's a game for each need. Maybe the community will split into two respective groups, that find satisfaction with each game.

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