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Published 3 years ago with 4 Comments
  • Why you should watch this movie

    It has Eminem as the main character.

    Ok, that's not the only reason. For those of you who haven't seen this movie yet (seriously guys, what the heck), it's a pretty classic tale of a down on his luck guy taking on the world as it beats him down, literally and figuratively. His journey is standard across the movie, but you still end up liking him as he portrays a believeable and fleshed out character. The best part of the movie is the rap battles, although you might want subtitles to follow them if you're not an adept at picking up on the lines. The battles form a central and pivotal point in the movie, both symbolizing the movie's rise to action, climax, and resolution, but the passion that the main character has in his heart- angry, misunderstood, ready to lash back even as he's wounded.

    Oh, and the ending is probably not what you'd expect. I give it an 8.0 and not a 9.0 because of a super awk sex scene halfway through. But it's all good, though! Great movie :D


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  • bigkix

    Huh, I never watched this movie thingking it was rated as good because Eminem is in it? Is it an ok drama or does it solely ride on Eminem's appearance?

    • Urbanknight4

      I'm a really big Eminem fan, but before watching the movie I thought it was an effort to promote himself instead of a legit story. I thought it was gonna be really cheap and blegh, but it really changed my mind. Sure, Eminem probably did this to advertise himself, but you have to admit it's a pretty decent movie with a good lead considering he's never done a movie before. And hey, he wrote two of his best songs on set. You can't deny it has heart and passion, something he's famous for. You're gonna like it :)

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