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  • NinjaKlaus

    The battery life of the Switch, according to Nintendo, ranges from two and a half to six hours, depending on what you’re playing. With The Legend of Zelda, I’ve been consistently getting just under three hours of playtime before I need to charge.

    No long car rides then. It might be ok for a daily commute on public transit if it's a short trip, it may not last on a bus to MARTA into the city and back out for some in the outer edges of the metro with transit options.

    The bottom edge of the Switch has a standard USB-C for charging, although we’ve yet to find a battery / cable that can charge the console faster than it drains.

    That also sucks for long car rides, we need a cable that can charge this thing in the car.

    Outside of a small flicker every now and then, the process of moving from one screen to the next is seamless. The no-nonsense, plastic base station doesn’t add any additional processing;

    The flicker is kind of a bad thing like the docking isn't as smooth as every review is claiming. Also, it'd be great if they had boosted some things with the dock but I guess I can see why they didn't.

    I’d almost say it’s an essential accessory if not for the $70 price tag, Sony and Microsoft’s controllers both cost less, and they also feature a headphone jack quietly gaming with headphones, something the Switch Pro Controller sorely lacks.

    I don't understand this choice, I only want to game with this thing, to begin with, but being more expensive and having fewer features is stupid, Nintendo has a homerun idea and makes it a ground rule double.

    start using a Joy-Con for motion-controlled games

    When the others have moved on from this idea, Nintendo is tripling down, why?

    The Switch, notably, won’t have a web browser. It won’t have Netflix, Virtual Console, Nintendo’s online store dedicated to reselling classic games from the company’s back catalog, that isn’t going to make launch. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the single flagship standout here, with the others mostly being smaller indie titles, many of which are available elsewhere. Zelda is available elsewhere, too, with a Wii U version also launching this Friday.

    This means there is zero reason to buy this thing on launch, wait.

    Here's another big question for Nintendo: long-term support. The company has long struggled with rallying third-party publisher interest.

    Maybe don't be an asshole company and accept M-rated titles including things like GTA. Don't force weird motion controls, don't force, just allow companies to come join you. The biggest problem is this thing isn't as powerful as other current gen consoles and that will probably hurt 3rd party support.

    All in all, I like the idea, I'd love to have one, but I can't justify paying more than an Xbox or PS4 on a company with a track record of all first party titles and stupid controls. Not to mention they're joining the others with paid online and Zelda is getting DLC.