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    6 years ago
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    All Known Items in Super Mario Maker (Imgur Link at end of post)

    As far as we know, this is the full list of available items that are available in Super Mario Maker. To the best of my knowledge, there is no item that has been shown that is not accounted for in this album. I will list them out here, along with their variations based on when you shake said item.

    Row 1

    • Lakitu
    • Spiny
    • Spring
    • Fire Flower
    • Invincibility Star
    • 1-Up Mushroom
    • Moving Platform
    • Bill Blaster (Homing Bill Blaster)
    • Blooper (Blooper with mini Bloopites)
    • Deep Cheep (Cheep Cheep)
    • Music Note Block
    • Some Spike sort of thing I'm unfamiliar with. I think this is an OC for SMM?)

    Row 2

    • Mushroom Platform (Alt Color)
    • Hammer Bros
    • Muncher
    • Buzzy Beetle
    • Thwomp (I hope Thwimp, but haven't seen it)
    • Podoboo
    • Bowser
    • Skull Platforms
    • Fire Rod
    • Game Dependent Platform

      • Hilltops? Don't know how to describe this platform (SMB1)
      • Screwed on platforms (SMB3)
      • More mushroom platforms (SMW)
      • Rock structure (NSMBU)
    • Rocky Wrench
    • Bob-ombs (Lit fuse)

    Row 3

    • Donut Block
    • POW Block
    • Cloud Block
    • Rocket Engine
    • Cannon
    • Bridge

      • Mystery Mushroom (SMB)
      • Super Leaf (SMB3)
      • Cape Feather (SMW)
      • Propeller Mushroom (NSMBU)
    • Spike Top
    • Boo (Circle of Boos)
    • Dry Bones
    • Magikoopa
    • Grey Question Block (Guessing that means it's empty?)

    Row 4

    • Vines
    • P-Switch (? Switch for NSMBU)
    • Door
    • Wiggler
    • Goomba Shoe (SMB/SMB3) / Yoshi (SMW/NSMBU)
    • Koopa Clown Copter
    • Treadmill
    • Chain/Unchained Chomp
    • Ice Block
    • Arrow Sign
    • One-Way Passage

    Row 5

    • Grinder
    • Goomba
    • Green Koopa (Red Koopa)
    • Piranha Plant (Fire Piranha Plant)
    • Coin
    • Question Mark Block
    • Brick Block
    • Wooden Block
    • Wings
    • Pipe (Place Mario in it to make a Warp Pipe)
    • Ground Block (As in the block that the ground is dominantly made of in each respective game)
    • Super Mushroom

    Final Row

    This row does not have a number, but rather has a calendar symbol and is usually blank. I speculate this will auto-populate with the most used items for the stage being edited.


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    6 years ago
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    Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata

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    6 years ago
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    Super Mario Maker palettes

    Super Mario Bros.

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    6 years ago
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    Amazing Final Boss Theme Remix!

    Holy crap guys this is amazing! An 8-bit remix for Splatoon, I love it! Be sure to head over to the creator's channel and give it a like!

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    6 years ago
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    [NSFW] Can we make NSFW posts not be recommended in the "Here are some other snaps you might like" section?

    I was on a post in my own tribe, /r/Splatoon (if you haven't heard, Splatoon is a game geared towards 10-14 year olds by Nintendo, and at the bottom of one of my posts, a snap with a girl showing her vagina as the thumbnail was shown in the "Here are some other snaps you might like..." section. I have linked a screenshot below. I'm guessing Snapzu doesn't want this, as if I remember correctly this site does allow people under 18 on the site. Thank you for hearing my suggestion :)

    Screenshot (NSFW)

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    6 years ago
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    Possible /t/Splatoon tribe flags!

    Alright, Squid-Kids, we need a tribe flag! Here we have a set of 3 possible flags! At the bottom of this post is a strawpoll, please cast your votes here! If you think you have a better image for the flag, please post it in the comments below!

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    6 years ago
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    Super Mario Maker - Funky Ivy Athletics with Audio

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    6 years ago
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    What do you hope Nintendo announces for SMM before release?

    Simple, what are your hopes for this game that haven't yet been announced? Nintendo said they still have more to announce (which I find insane! This game already has more possibilities than I would have ever imagined), so what are you hoping for? Here's my list:

    1. Slopes! They haven't been shown yet, and existed in every game other than the original SMB. They would add nice variety, allowing the player so gain altitude without having to get what often can be really precise jumps when you have stairs.

    2. Multiplayer! Whether its multiplayer similar to the NSMB games, or a new variety we haven't seen before, I think there's a lot of potential for multiplayer in this game!

    3. Desert and Snow themes! These also exist in all but the original SMB, so there would not be much development required to toss these in. (I kinda doubt these have a chance though)

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    6 years ago
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    Playlist with multiple hours of E3 gameplay!

    This is most, if not all, of the official Nintendo footage from the Nintendo Treehouse, among other events at E3. Tons of info in here!

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    6 years ago
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    Two New Nintendo-Based Tribes! /t/Splatoon and /t/SuperMarioMaker

    Back on Reddit, two of the smaller communities I loved were based on 1 newly released 3rd person shooter by Nintendo, Splatoon, and also an upcoming game, being the level creation game Super Mario Maker, which is set to come out on the 11th of September, this year.

    These tribes are still pretty empty right now, but they had a lot of content back on reddit, and I hope we can grow these communities here!