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  • blue2501

    The title is rather click-baity. A 19yo had sex with a 13yo (or 14, the article is inconsistent), who pretended she was 17. Sure, that might be two "teens" in the strictest sense, but the guy is an adult, and the girl is barely a teen.

    The age difference seems rather stark. No, I don't think the punishment fits the crime, but he should have also taken more care in making sure she was as old as she said she was. I can't think of any scenario where this kind of sexual consent gap should be legal.

    I do think there should be a bit more flexibility in that 18-21yo spot. There are still states (like California) that will put a 18yo in jail for having sex with a 17yo. That needs to change.

    • SFaulken

      @blue2501 Just out of curiosity, you've verified age on every partner you've ever been with? I'm far beyond having to worry about a potential partner being under the age of consent, but hell, I knew people in my teens that never got drivers licenses, and didn't have any sort of way to "prove" their age, short of maybe digging up a birth certificate somewhere...

      It's just not realistic, neither is just saying "Nope, nobody under 18 should be having sex with anybody"