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Published 6 years ago by TNY with 1 Comments

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  • leweb

    Hollywood has a big lack-of-creativity-but-lots-of-money-to-bribe-congress-into-draconian-copyright-policies problem. If only they spent 1% of the energy they spend putting file-sharing teenagers in jail into actually creating new stories, they would be so much better.

    I stopped actually going to the movie theater after "Titanic", which laid bare to me how broken Hollywood, the Academy, and the whole movie business was (I know, I'm old). But my wife follows new movies a lot and I can say that only about 5% of Hollywood movies actually provide some creative content. And that's an optimistic statement.

    Sadly, this is not just a Hollywood problem. Society in general seems to be afraid of creative people, and keeps putting obstacles in their way. As a scientist, it is painful to see that the very government agencies who are supposed to be fostering creativity are instead funding incremental research for fear of having to report to a congress mostly made up of corrupt dimwits who respond to idiotic voters.

    Ok I kind of went on a tangent there. I just wish our society were based on a bit of a less obsolete, idiot-driven model. Leweb for president 2024.

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