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  • MichaelNeale

    Newham, in east London, had the highest instances of acid attacks with 398 in the last six years.

    The 2001 census has Newham's White British population at 33.78% and BAME at 60.58%, within 10 years, the percentage of White British has more than halved to 16.73% and BAME increased 71.03% as recorded by the 2011 census. I think it's safe to say that 8 years later, the ethnic demographic will have only followed this pattern further with White British ethnicity and overall White ethnicity dropping considerably in both percentage and numbers and BAME - specifically Asian or Asian British ethnicity, (43.47% of all ethnicity as of 2011 from 33.48% in 2001) increasing at a considerable rate both in absolute numbers and percentage. Interestingly, the percentage fall of White British ethnicity within Newham between isn't just caused by the increase in BAME within the area but that White British ethnicity itself has decreased in actual numbers, from 82,390 in 2001 to 51,516 in 2011, while BAME increased from 147,761 to 218,768 respectively, by far the largest increase of BAME stemming from an increase in Asian or Asian British ethnicity, from 81,651 in 2001 to 133,895 in 2001 increasing at a rate 6x higher than that of Black or Black British - meaning that although Black or Black British numbers have increased by almost 8000, their total percentage as a whole has actually dropped by over 2% as a result. If we look at the data and assume that the population growth of each ethnicity will continue to follow this pattern within Newham - which doesn't appear to be linear but explicitly exponential, with a major increase in BAME - specifically Asian or Asian British ethnicity in both absolute numbers and percentage and a notable decrease in White British and White Total ethnicity in both absolute numbers and percentage, even with a highly conservative estimate it would be quite safe to say that in 2021 the White British ethnicity will have dropped below 10% of all ethnicity (33.78% - 2001 / 16.73% - 2011) and that BAME will represent over 80% ethnicity (60.58% - 2001 / 71.03% - 2011), with Asian or Asian British ethnicity representing over 50% of all ethnicity (33.48% - 2001 / 43.47% - 2011).

    Barking & Dagenham - 134 Tower Hamlets - 84

    Both are places within East London with a similar ethnic make up, a high population of BAME - specifically Asian or Asian British. I am aware Newham has substantial issues with both high poverty, youth unemployment and gang related activity but found these figures possibly relevant to the discussion. A question that could be asked is whether the higher prevalence of acid based attacks are related to cultural attitudes of those of a certain ethnicity found at a higher frequency in these areas, possibly leading to a higher frequency and spread of usage within gang related attacks - more research needs to take place to establish a pattern, while of course - causation=/= correlation, it is an avenue that could be investigated.

    • AdelleChattre
    • cunt (edited 1 year ago)

      Not one mention here that the majority of victims are male, with a picture of a female victim

      However, acid attack charities in the UK estimate that British victims are predominantly men, at roughly 71% of victims.

      That's a pretty fucking large majority

      • AdelleChattre

        Yes, because it's important we recognize the real victims here are those with an O-positive blood type.

    • Appaloosa

      If you are quoting something, put quotes around it and try to site sources if you can.