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Published 7 years ago by Sygerrik with 2 Comments

Denali National Park

[Original Content] A few of my pics from Denali National Park, taken on two different dates.


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  • septimine

    It's really pretty, where did you take these? When's a good time to go to Denali?

    • Sygerrik

      Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you exactly where in the park I took these, since it was a while ago, and the park is so big. They were taken along the only road that goes through the park, which you either have to take a bus tour/ride or schedule a long hike in advance with approval from the park, but the park itself is full of these types of views.

      As far as the best time to go, it depends on what you want to see, and what type of weather you can deal with. The park, I believe, is open from mid-May to mid-September. The first three pictures were taken in late July of 2012, and the last two were mid-September of 2014. Early in the season, much of the park will still be snow-covered. Late in the season, everything starts to turn brown. On my second trip, I kind of wished I had been there two to three weeks earlier. The types of plants that are brown in those pictures are typically yellow and red in the late August/early September time frame in Alaska. That's not the only factor, though. The wildlife was much more active on my first trip, as all the animals are getting ready for the winter in September. There are also times of year when the mountain (Denali/Mt. McKinley) is typically more visible. Both times I went, it was partially/mostly visible near the entrance of the park, but got clouded over at the viewpoints that are farther into the drive.

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