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Published 4 years ago with 20 Comments

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  • Splitfish

    I take it the entire snapzu team was watching and forgot they had a website to run! Hahah JK and great win by Golden State. Good to see Curry finally get a ring.

    • capoti

      what happened to the website?

    • baron778

      Curry was the game changer. Lebron was great too but the team around him seemed totally drained.

  • AvocadoAtLaw

    Great effort by Curry and his team, a well deserved victory. Maybe next year my Miami Heat will make the playoffs. Heh, heh?

    • canuck

      After those two recent championships, even if you dont make the playoffs for 5 years, you should still be proud of the Heat

  • TNY

    Wow Lebron James did NOT win the Finals MVP.

    • spacepopper

      Andre Igoudala MVP! I can't put to words how happy I am for him.

  • hedman

    My big question was why in the world we're the commentators saying it was over when the cavs were only down by 13 with like 3 min to go. I've seen a lot bigger comebacks. I wish they came back and proved those idiots wrong and forced a gm 7.

    • jedlicka

      I noticed that to. They we're probably sweating bullets when the cavs clawed back within 4 pts.

  • KingAztek

    Great job by Golden State! Now hopefully my Lakers will get in next year....hahaha...haha...haaaaaaa :/

  • bkool

    Congrats to GSW fans! I'm happy for you guys, whoever you are.

  • messi

    Klay will be hitting the bong tonight.

  • bogdan

    Congrats, well deserved, I feel.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • ubthejudge

    No shame for the cavs. Surprised they even made it this far. What a great series overall.

  • asipper

    I'm not a fan of either team but I kinda wanted the Cavs to win

  • sauce

    That was a cringeworthy postgame trophy ceremony...

  • aj0690

    GG both teams, awesome finals, and summer has officially begun!

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