• Gracey (edited 5 years ago)

    This man represents for me an example of capitalism at it's extreme worst -- claiming "supply and demand" as a reason for the price hike and then his comment about it "only" cost $1000 to save a life... as if saving life was not the primary reason for the the drug in the first place.
    I "heard" his ability to buy the patent for the drug is because he was one of those vampire, hedge fund assholes that trashed the economy with their schemes and scams and made off with piles of money ... and used that money to set up these "little" drug companies, buy a patent, and hike the price. What a doll he is! :| First, kick people out of their homes, and then move on to "killing" people through medicinal price hikes... Wow.. if he is a wanna-be Super Villain, then I would say he is on the right track!