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  • sarcasimo

    Let's see how these check out in my case.

    I am a millennial. I'm not too interested in building equity, rather I was tired of living in an apartment and dealing with terrible landlords. I do live alone in my house.

    My home is ugly, but is tech friendly. The benefit of my own house is that I can do whatever I want to it - I want Cat6 run to every doom? Done. I want to install a Nest thermostat? Done. Want to replace my outlets with USB outlets? Done.

    That said, I didn't turn my living room into a home theater...I turned my garage into a home theater instead. I also dabbled in home automaton by building a web enabled garage door opener.

    When it comes to the carpentry side of house maintenance, I'm pretty sure my Dad is handier than me.

    So yes, overall this fits my anecdotal experience.

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