• Bossman

    Awesome. Glad you were able to get your hands on some finally. Hopefully they'll be able to expand to more countries soon too.

    I haven't used Soylent since 1.2, I think. I'm gonna order some again soon. Have been meaning to but just have had to prioritize other things as of late. Also, I avoided it for a little while with the taste controversy with 1.4. But I figure for me, it's better than the junk food I normally get because I'm too lazy to cook and do dishes afterwards. So even if it's not 100% of what I need, it should be mostly an improvement.

    • SevenTales

      Well I got used to the 1.5 taste pretty quickly, and 1.4 was..less than stellar. So I believe you shouldn't have too much trouble with it :D And yeah, you're exactly like me, I mostly ate junkfood because it was easy and quick.