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Published 8 years ago by RedLantern with 13 Comments

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Conversation 6 comments by 5 users
  • a7h13f

    First, racism is never ok, in any context or under any circumstances.

    Now that's out of the way, the conversation in question happened 8 years ago! Is there anyone who doesn't regret something they said years ago? I'm not sure I agree with the tendency to dig up things people said years ago in an attempt to discredit them today. People change. I know I held views 8 years ago that I don't hold now, and I'm willing to bet most people have similar experiences.

    Should we judge everyone for what they said or did at their worst? Personally, I'd prefer to take people as they are, not as they were.

    • jmcs

      Welcome to the age of the internet. I can't wait to see when we get to the point where journalists will dig what political candidates said on Facebook when they were 13.

    • RedLantern

      I feel the same way about the situation. I think he did the right thing for apologizing but the pubishment was unfair over a comment that was made that long ago.

    • meowmixxed

      I mean I'd rather see this than domestic abusers getting contracts and rapists being drafted into the NFL.

      • a7h13f

        I'm pretty terrified that an employer might be able to find a copy of a conversation I had privately 8 years ago and fire me for it. I don't think that's a good precedent for us to be setting in this age of social media. Have you never made any comments that you regret now?

    • desertjedi85

      Look at Pete Rose.

  • Cloptologist

    It's hilarious how WWE is washing their hands of him, trying to keep their new squeaky clean image. Like people will forget all the sick and crazy things Vince has said over the years. Ah well, back to watching New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 25.

    • Arbituz

      It's all about that image anymore. Last I heard they go black and white when there is any blood. Kind of sad because I used to love watching wrestling.

  • kdawson

    A major part of being an adult is accepting the consequences of your actions.

    • sepsinn

      While I agree with that sentiment, the reaction from the WWE is way over the top. Acting as if anyone should be perfect, is unreasonable. People make mistakes, that is part of the human condition. Not saying he shouldn't have some consequences, just that the consequences should be a tad more appropriate. After all, what is acceptable tends to change over the course of years. And frankly, a conversation that was secretly taped (thus thought to be private at the time) really isn't the business of anyone but those involved.. Disappointing as it may have been, I still respect most of what he did during his early career. Wrestler, Musician, Football player, whatever; I don't look at them for their beliefs. They all tend to be just as flawed as you or I.

      • cunt

        It's quite possible they were looking for any reason to get rid of him.

        • kdawson

          You are very probably right.

  • Shinyegg

    I don't understand why they took him out of the hall of fame though


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