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Published 6 years ago by PushPull with 5 Comments

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  • DokterDuke

    I wish there was something like this near me. I would love to have the option to enjoy dinner in silence, or at least near silence. "Kid Free Zones" would be wonderful, too, especially on air planes!

    • Fuyu

      I realized a while back while watching an R-Rated movie in the theaters that there's pretty much no place I can go where kids are not allowed to be. Even places that are unlikely to have children, such as R-Rated movies, bars, and casinos still technically allow them. Only X-Rated movies would guarantee no children, and those are infrequently released and not very good in the first place. Maybe strip clubs ban them as well, but those aren't really my cup of tea either.

      • DokterDuke

        I think the biggest reason we can't have more places that only cater to adults, that aren't X-rated, is because some selfish asshole somewhere will find a way to file a lawsuit against the establishment for some trumped up rights violation.

        • b1ackbird

          Agreed- on all points.

          I want some adults-only zones where I don't have to get hammered or watch something explicit to get that adult-zone freedom.

  • b1ackbird

    What an eye-opening read, thank you for the share.

    I think this would kind of cafe & other solo-activities would be really welcome in bustling cities. Silence is a warm and inviting thing to many people.

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