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Published 6 years ago by PrismDragon with 10 Comments

Techquickie - Adblock as Fast As Possible

What is Adblock, and what effect does Adblock have on your favorite sites and creators?


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  • mlrutherford

    I tend to use uBlock Origin when visiting websites at first. Once I know that the site is safe and only implements respectful and tasteful ads, then I can happily disable it. I can't stand ads that ruin the website's experience and allow them to get paid for having obnoxious monetization schemes.

  • FistfulOfStars (edited 6 years ago)

    Maybe it's time to sincerely begin exploring other monetisation strategies.

    To me, it feels lazy and unimaginative to blame users for technical realities that make your business model obsolete. That's what old media does. That's what the RIAA and MPAA did.

    New media is smarter, quicker to adapt, and more malleable, right? Prove it. Try something different, or invent something better.

    • skolor

      I've been thinking for a while that a critical shift is to get users to pay for websites. I've run website before, and understand the costs associated, so I'm plenty happy to contribute towards those costs. Importantly, though, is that I'd like to see something which is effectively reverse advertising. What I'd really like is to essentially bid on my own ad views. Have adwords or whatever it is the cool kids are using these days send me a bill every month, and instead just not do anything when I would try to display something.

  • racerxonclar

    I personally have AdBlocked installed, but I've got it set to blacklist mode. I only add sites to the list if they either have exceptionally irritating ads (3+ audio ads on the same page that play at the same time? NOPE) or if their ads physically break the site (Twitch is the prime example of this for me). Occasionally I clear the blacklist to see if any of the sites have improved or not. Usually not :P

    • NotWearingPants

      I default the other way. I turn it off for sites I want to use and support if they don't have intrusive ads. Clicking links off of a site like this one, you never know what you are going to get bombarded with, so no ads from random sites for me.

  • rataerix

    I use uBlock but have it disabled on pretty much every site I frequently visit. Makes me feel guilty now.

    • PrismDragon

      For the sites you want to support, disable your adblocker (unless you donate).

      • FrootLoops

        I did this for a long time but stopped doing so completely. I am willing to pay for content (spotify, netflix what ever) but browsing the internet without a ad/tracker - blocker is a no go. If it were just the banner ads i were absolutely fine with it but the ad networks track you and that's what's not acceptable, no matter how much i like the website. I am not willing to make me trackable, i use ublock which is far more than an ad blocker.

      • rataerix

        I will, unless there are video ads or overly annoying ads, then I think it's justified to keep it on

        • PrismDragon

          Yeah, I pretty much do the same thing. Combined with NoScript, those are my goto two tools for general browsing.

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