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Published 4 years ago with 11 Comments
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  • idlethreat

    Chrome has PepperFlash, which is maintained by Google and updated quicker than the standard Adobe Flash. you can also just restart your browser to update Flash, without having to go through a big 'jump through hoops' install process that Adobe has for it's standard plugins.

    Sucks they had to do it, but I can understand why. Can't help but think it would have made more sense to implement a 'click to flash' functionality by default instead of disabling it altogether like this.

    • ToixStory

      The annoying thing, to me, is that then players like Amazon's Instant Video player will actually have a pop-up urging you to switch browsers and use Silverlight, even if PepperFlash has never given me problems and Silverlight has been, well, an endless parade of problems for me.

      • idlethreat

        Wow. Really? That sucks. When I do watch Amazon, it's always on a device, like Roku, so I've never noticed the issue.

        Recommending Silverlight is pretty bad.

  • Kysol

    Flash needs to go the way of IE6, die in a fire. HTML5 is where it's at. Stop relying on Flash "hacks" to allow your copy to clipboard code etc.

    • SevenTales

      Flash is really an old and stale technology at this point, but it's pushed heavily by Adobe, sadly. I cannot wait for the day it's gonna go the way of Shockwave, and just disappear.

      • Bastou

        Well, Shockwave was bought by Adobe, so there's that.

  • Wolfyz

    I recently uninstalled flash on my machine. This was before the newest security problems, I uninstalled simply to stop some of the self playing videos on web pages, that some how dodged the Addblock Plus filters. I get that these web sites are trying to turn a profit, but if your add is annoying, I'm going to keep your page blocked.

    I have fond memories of flash, dating back to the early days of Newgrounds, it pains me to see the web move away from it. I do find it odd though, that since so many advertisers use flash in their adds, that there isn't more profit to be had by Adobe for keeping it up to date and secure.

  • phoenixdigital

    I only just accepted the constant warnings I was getting on snapzu about wanting to use it.

    Step up to the plate Snapzu devs and remove it from as much of your site as possible please :)

  • theoddowl

    Thank you for posting this! I kept wondering why nearly every website I went on said "adobe flash blocked." I was so irritated.

  • Mtat

    There is a lot of the stuff on today's web that I seriously dislike. It is like every time I visit a website I have to allow cross-site scripting for at least 2 sites in order to view the actual content. And plenty of the active content on some websites makes them almost impossible to use because of lag when you scroll around the site. Even Youtube takes forever for me to browse with a decent computer running a few apps at the same time. I have been saying it for years: active content is killing the web. Just because you can use it doesn't mean you should.

  • kimkam120

    I just updated Flash Player on my mom's laptop so she could continue to watch her "Alaska the last frontier" live webcam thing. For some people I don't think you will ever get them off flash. There isn't really a reason for some of these large corporations to switch from flash over to other things like html5 because I would say quite a significant amount of people really don't care.

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