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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments
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  • Aditya

    Information is limited on what else there's gonna be but controller support is something they've needed for a while, it's nice to see that Microsoft implemented something out of the deal.

  • Fallout

    Looks like they are just adding local multiplayer and the ability to play with your "xbox live friends." So no cross-platform play but hey pay us for xbox live to be able to play with your friends?

    • Lorkhan

      It's been clarified that all this is, is The Pocket Edition of the game, being ported to consoles and PC. The down side is that the pocket edition does not have feature parity with the standard edition, and does not have modding support.

      The upside is that it's a C++ program and runs considerably better than the java version. But, without reaching feature parity with the Java version, no one who seriously plays minecraft on the PC is going to want this.

  • NinjaKlaus

    So is the Microsoft strategy to just keep adding new versions of the original game? I don't know how you could expand on it, but I feel like after the Microsoft buyout they should have started making version 2 rather than continuing to make various versions for different devices.

    • mattlbeck

      A Minecraft 2 would not go down well with the community. Part of the package that Mojang was selling with Minecraft was a continuously evolving and expanding world that you never needed to pay extra for. A version 2 implies that development would cease on the first version, which essentially boils down to Minecraft being sold using a "subscription" to the game, one that you have to renew every time they decide they have enough new features to re-release the game as a new version.

      I really hope Microsoft does not go down this route.

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