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Published 5 years ago by PrismDragon with 6 Comments

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  • Triseult

    Beyond the amusing anecdote of a hipster breaking Google AI with his fixie, this really illustrates the difficulty of creating a truly real-world-ready self-driven car... You can account for 99.999% of scenarios, yet something as silly as a guy on a fixie moving back and forth to stay in place while they wait for you to pass can break down your AI's very ability to drive.

    Meanwhile, the human brain is pretty shitty at doing simple things like driving in heavy congestion without causing traffic jams, yet it can deal with new situations with barely any effort. Just a "Pff, look at that hipster's douchebag bike" and drive through the intersection.

    • jmcs

      Still what do you prefer, the driver that it's better in 99.999% of the situations and fails safe on the other 0.001% or the driver that can get drunk, tired, reckless, ...?

      • Triseult

        I totally agree with you that the 99.999% safe AI is the better choice. But in the real world, that 0.001% of the time something goes wrong, everyone will totally freak out, and people will question whether self-driven cars should even have a right to exist.

        • redalastor

          Except it didn't go wrong. In doubt, the AI erred on the side of safety.

          • Triseult

            Well; it did stop in the middle of an intersection and refused to move further... Not an accident, but it could lead to one, and it would severely block traffic.

            Better than running over the hipster cyclist, though, that's for sure.

            • redalastor

              Well; it did stop in the middle of an intersection and refused to move further...

              Elected to in fact, since you can always override it.

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