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    6 years ago
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    [PSP-Emu] Firmware 3.52: Xmax Katsu provides a new Exploit game!

    Mainly known for his PS Vita hardware modifications, Xmax Katsu has provided us with a new (PSP) exploit game for the firmware 3.52. Keep in mind that this is just a PSP exploit game,...

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    6 years ago
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    My multiboot setup

    1 Tb sshd

    Storing the following operating systems

    ChromeOS (yes real chromeOS not chromiumOS)

    Mac OS X 10.4

    Windows 8.1

    Windows 7

    Elementary OS freya

    Arch Linux

    Kali Linux



    This setup spreads across 22 partitions (insane right), this setup has every system and recovery partition possible, every partition except the Mac OS X and Chrome OS are encrypted, it also has 5 different bootloaders.

    In the future I will post some tutorials about multibooting, not just some crap youtube multiboots, badly done. I will post about my setups with detailed tutorials.

    gparted print Imgur

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    6 years ago
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    Possible Playstation TV dowgrade? -

    Hacker xmaxkatsu recently shared a video suggesting it is possible to downgrade a Playstation TV from 3.36 to 3.30 via hardware methods. A few days ago @xmaxkatsu shared NAND pinouts of a Playstation TV....

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    6 years ago
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    How have we been behaving in the last few days guys?

    A few days have been gone for me since i joined over here, some of my fellow refugees joined earlier others later than me, its been a few good days for me, I am loving it here .

    Now I ask you fellow snapzites the originals the guys that were here before this whole migration, how have we been doing? did we disrupt snapzu much? are we adapting well?

    I would love to hear from the originals :)

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    6 years ago
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    PSM+ is now publicly available -

    PSM+ is now available for all registered members on our /talk forum. you can access psmplus here. what is PSM+ PSM+ allows you to access PSM and PSM Unity (coming soon) without a license...

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    6 years ago
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    Status of PSVita hacking (07/08/2015)

    Hello Everyone welcome to /t/vitahacks

    This post will tell you the state of the vita hacking scene as of july 7th, i will try to keep this up to date with the hacks on the psp side of things as well as on the native side of things, this thread is a working progress, and i may miss some stuff, therefor I request our members to suggest stuff over here as well.

    A small intro, as i said above this will be split pretty much into e-psp and psvita native hack, why is that? for those of you that are not familiar with the playstation vita, it got hacked first through it's psp emulator, and stayed like that for several years, about two months ago Yifanlu announced something would hit the psvita scene, and indeed it did, the rejuvenate hack, this hack is a native hat for the psvita, that will allow you to run homebrew on your device.

    Without further ado here is the status:

    e-psp (psp emuator) The psp emulator on the psvita suffers from the same flaws that the psp suffered, meaning if an exploit works on the original psp, then the same exploit will work on the emulator. How do exploit releases work? basically a psp game that is on the psnstore is exploitable, developers develop an exploit for it, and wait a few days to announce it, meanwhile sites like or have the information first hand and release the name of the exploit game, your job is to get the game before Sony removes it from the store therefor blocking the exploit.

    Once you get the game you sit back and relax and wait for the developers to release the exploit, that is done usually a few days after the game is removed from the store.

    most every psvita firmware has been exploited, the newest psvita firmware is 3.52, that firmware is not exploitable yet, but every firmware below it is, here is the chart that lists which firmwares are exploitable (almost all of them) and which games were the exploit made for: (will update with a better most up to date info) (more info will be posted soon)

    Other exploits (soon)

    Psvita native exploit The psvita native exploit is on its earliest days still, but has already got much attention, firstly it was announced that a psm developer account was necessary, not only that but a psm developer key was also necessary and finally having the psm dev assistant on your psvita was essential, while the first was easy and free the second one was not so easy, and to add to the trouble people were on borrowed time because the psm developer program was going to close by the end of the month, some got the developer license and the developer key, others didn't, but as the end of the psm program approached most already had the developer assistant installed but some were not able to get the developer key, what happened later was unexpected.

    It was announced that the most dificult piece of the puzzle (the developer key) was not needed, therefore people that had the app, and applied to psm dev account were good to go.

    The developer program ended and those that had everything were good to go, those that didn't were locked out of the exploit, but not for long, it seems like the exploit may be ported for the psm dev assistant for unity, and therefor allowing people that didn't sign previously for the service to use the exploit, now the port is not yet ready to be released, but will soon.

    Again how do exploit releases work, well the first exploit is already released and you need to register at and be one of the chosen to be on the psm+ beta testing to be able to use the rejuvenate exploit, but if you are just reading this now, it may be because you didn't get the psm dev account or key or even the dev assistant, so my advice is wait, wait for the release of the psm dev assistant for unity, that will most likely allow you to exploit the psvita like the people that signed for the psm developer program.

    Most psvita firmwares are actually affected by the exploit, but seeing that having to port the exploit for every firmware version is troublesome, only the most used firmwares will be supported, so you can count for support from 3.01 and onward (i still need to check this info out) until 3.52, do not update your vita to 3.52 or you won't be able to take advantage of the exploit ever!

    Other PSVita exploits (soon)

    So if you want to take advantage of all this, make sure to first be above of 3.01, and second be below 3.52 firmware. (more info will be added soon)

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    6 years ago
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    This seems great

    Hey guys! Like most of the newcomers, I also come from Reddit, not that I was particularly affected by the initial problem, but got upset with the politics that involved it, every other day there was drama, by subs either going dark, or not going dark, and that indeed affected me a bit, although this was a trigger for me to move over, it was not the main reason, reddit has gone downhill lately and i feel that a change was needed so I came here.

    Since the "prologue" said to get started by posting a message here at the lounge I decided to do just that, hello everyone, it's nice to be here. I do hope to stay for long, and hope this doesn't turn into reddit (at least for the drama part).