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Published 6 years ago by Nolan with 7 Comments

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  • GreatMightyPoo

    Not a good start to our season... I guess it had to be done.

  • weekendhobo

    Good, no room in the game for that garbage. This was the only move they could have made

  • Chubros

    Ban him from the league for good

  • manix

    Just seen the video. Coward, plain and simple.

    • 8mm

      He could easily have killed her. She was out cold for like a minute...

      • drunkenninja

        Not only that, but she could have cracked her head open on the steel railing on the way down. When he dragged her out of the elevator and just threw her down like a dead pig it just confirmed that not only is he a piece of shit that has a short temper and no impulse control but that he's just a total piece of shit through and through. Its people that do stuff like this that need to be in a prison cell and not non violent offenders that smoke weed.

        • Gozzin

          I agree. Put him in the big house and don't let him out till he's too old and feeble to attack anything other than a cup of yogurt.

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