• Snikt

    It's not like it's members ACTUALLY want to rape women. (I think.) If you want to ban it, why not all BDSM related subs?

    • CrazyDiamond

      Bdsm and raping women are not even close to the same thing, since rape implies no consent.

      • blitzen

        I think rape is defined by no consent.

      • SevenTales

        Well, to be fair, there's an associated fantasy, and the sub is, last I heard about them, a satire, and not really a sub about raping women. I haven't checked though, so it's all hearsay.

      • l23r

        Look up "consentual non consent" Rape fantasy is a big thing... but it's also a fantasy

        I don't think anyone on that subreddit was actually promoting raping women ( of course, only women can be raped /s ) It was either them being sarcastic or talking in a BDSM context.

        • CrazyDiamond

          It was not a rape fantasy sub, it was a rape philosophy sub. They had posts about advice for getting away with rape. It may have been labeled satire, but the damage it could cause is exactly the same as if it was labeled serious, if not more, in my opinion. It's like if I were to create a website in order to rank killing sprees and made it out be be a competition site and then said it was "just a joke". It doesn't make it not dangerous.