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Published 8 years ago by Nerdeiro with 3 Comments

I tattooed an Elite logo on my arm. What kind of crazy things have you done for your favorite game ?

I started inking the Elite Eagle Saturday. One more session two or three weeks from now to add some golden/yellow and it'll be done. How about you ? Have you done something ridiculous or crazy based on your favorite game ? BTW, Proof bellow.


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  • BlankWindow

    Not a game, but I do have a rather large Zim and Gir done.

    • Nerdeiro

      I tought about that. Invader Zim is an awesome cartoon. The weird visual language is one the best I've seen in the last 20 years.

      Care to post a picture ?

      • BlankWindow

        Would be showing a bit to much skin for my taste.

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