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Published 1 year ago with 11 Comments

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  • ckshenn

    Because of course it is. Out of 300 million people, it happens to be Hannity.

  • 66bnats

    Holy shit. This is a huge conflict of interest considering that he's never disclosed it on his tv and radio shows.

  • jcscher

    Everyday it's something new with the Trump gang.

  • NotWearingPants (edited 1 year ago)

    Bombshell. Rich talking head talked to a lawyer.

    Attorney-client privilege is as dead as the 4th amendment.

    Edit: A downvote? Really?

    • katymac

      Do you not see the conflicts of interest involved in this particular case?

      • NotWearingPants

        I see them all over the place.

        Mueller (the bag man for Uranium One) was impaneled by Rosenstein (who may be facing impeachment for diddling FISA warrants, 302s, and perjury) with a vaguely worded mandate (special prosecutor investigations require a specific crime) to investigate "collusion" based on DNC opposition research paid for, in part, by HRC. He picked a "dream team" of partisan hacks, some of whom have been removed and are in legal jeopardy themselves (Strzok and/or Page have probably already flipped). They couldn't find "collusion", they moved on and couldn't find "obstruction". Now they are simply looking for dirt.

        Since then Comey has been fired, has admitted he spiked the email investigation because he thought HRC was going to win, and has all but admitted perjury, McCabe has been fired for unauthorized leaking of classified and multiple instances of perjury and obstruction. (His GoFundMe is for legal expenses for criminal defense.

        What did Sean Hannity talk to Cohen about that creates any conflict of interest? We don't know and will never be told. You're just supposed to draw the natural inference that since he's a Trump supporter and both talked to the same (possibly crooked) lawyer that they are secretly...I don't know, "colluding"?

        Hannity has been going after systematic FBI corruption on the air. They need to shut him up.

        The rest of the OIG report will drop in the next few weeks. I expect it will be even better than the one on McCabe. I recommend reading it, not the summary. And not what CNN or late night hosts say what it says.

  • ttubravesrock

    I don't get it. Why is this a bombshell or a big deal?

    Can someone ELI5?

    • AdelleChattre

      Well, Jimmy, did you ever fart in a room silent and deadly so nobody could tell who'd farted? And then as the smell lingered, picked someone and said they'd probably done it? It's a lot like that.

      • ttubravesrock

        I read your article. Is Hannity officially affiliated with Trump in any way besides being a client with the same lawyer? What does this have to do with impeaching Trump? That's the part I'm not understanding. Last I heard, Hannity was a talk show host who hated Obama and for some reason loves Trump. That's as far as the affiliation goes as far as I know. Why should I care that Trump's lawyer had Hannity as a client at some point?

        • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

          Presumably the raid of Cohen's office last week produced materials that may, or may not, be protected by attorney-client privilege. I'm thinking even maybe audio recordings of conference calls. Maintaining secrecy around Hannity's being the third client, or not, may've been Team Trump's hole card for their theory of what's privileged. Countdown to claiming executive privilege...

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