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Published 6 years ago by NameTaken with 7 Comments

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  • Autumnal

    My favorite system besides the Dreamcast. This was my first gaming machine, my parents forbade me from having a NES/SNES/etc. man, I loved my Game Boy. Final Fantasy Adventure, Gargoyle's Quest, Super Mario Land, I literally have gotten every Nintendo handheld since. I've also turned many a PSP into dedicated game boy emulators. What a great system the GB was.

    • NameTaken

      I have a PSP and would be interested in using an emulator, if I did this, would I still be able to play PSP games?

      • Nate

        Depends on what kind of PSP you have. If I remember correctly it can only load custom firmware up to a certain point. I would check your PSP version info and simply Google "PSP Custom Firmware X.XX" where X is your version number. The install is relatively painless and you can still play PSP games along with your emulators.

  • jessdabess

    Gameboy Color + pokemon = my childhood.

    Oh god, I spent soooo much time playing pokemon. Everyone I knew did. It was insane. Before I even had the game I got the strategy guide so I could look at and the pictures and read all the things. By the time I actually got the game I was already a pokemaster!

    Oh and bomberman, can't forget bomberman.

  • FiveGHz

    I remember getting the game boy even though the sega game gear had a color screen.

  • get9

    Those dual-screen Game & Watch units were really ahead of their time. They seem so out of place, but they were there!

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