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Published 6 years ago by Muffintop with 3 Comments

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  • Muffintop

    Did you now that self directed CBT can be as effective as taking antidepressants? It's a fascinating read and I thought that the interactive tools might be useful for someone.

    • ddecator

      Having good sleep hygiene can be just as effective as well. But, there will always be cases where technology will have its limitations, especially when there are environmental and interpersonal stressors that are playing a role. I encourage people to try these types of things, work on sleep hygiene, diet, and exercise, but to still be open to seeing a therapist if those things don't work. And, if they don't work, that's not necessarily a sign that you can't be helped! These solutions all target specific potential causes, but not every cause, and a skilled therapist can help with the actual identification of what is likely happening. From there, treatment can be tailored.

      • Muffintop

        You're absolutely right. Technology is just another tool that can be used and may be useful. Also, for those who cannot see a therapist for one reason or another, online tools like this can be a valuable resource.

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