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  • What kind of content can users post?

    Snapzu members can post anything they want really. This includes links, original articles, pics, and videos. If it's linkable (and it probably is), they can post it. We have a strict 10% sharing rule in effect, meaning that self-promotion is allowed, but can only be one in every 10 posts to ensure that they're are not just spamming and being a contributing member of the community.

  • What is a snap?

    A snap is a user-created hub serving content for other members to view, comment, vote and participate in. It can be as simple as a single link, image or video, but it can also be made more complex by adding multiple elements together. A "link" snap consists of a link to another website, while a "native" snap consists of locally hosted text, image or embedded video. Link snaps are quick and easy to post and share, but native snaps typically receive more acclaim (and votes) due to the higher amount of time and effort to create.

  • What is a text post?

    Text posts are essentially discussion posts designed to be quick and easy to post. Unlike snaps, they can only be posted from/to one tribe.

  • What are snap types?

    Snap types distinguish different types of snaps for better organization and easier discovery. You can browse or create snaps based on these available snap types: Analysis, Current Event, Deal, Download, Expression, How-to, Image, Interactive, Meme, Question, Review, and Video.

  • How do I create a snap?

    A green button called "Submit+" is located in the top menu bar (just to the right of the Snapzu logo). When clicked, you can either enter a URL to share, or create something from scratch. You can also use our bookmarklet to submit things on the go when browsing other sites.

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