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Published 7 months ago by Maternitus with 1 Comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 7 months ago)

    Once in a while I encounter a series that I start to watch with the intention to enjoy an episode or two per day. "Not more, because who has time for this shit?" I promise myself. Just like this series, I vow to "spread it over the week", dosing it with the guarantee to have some entertainment every day. Yes, my life is sad, lonely and boring enough to have those kind of ways. But unlike other series, this one got binged in one sitting, every episode was a glorious fest of everything I enjoy in visuals, acting and the soundtrack is, to say the least, very yummie.

    The article's writer gave it four stars out of five, but I'd like to add another star. For being so good that I wasted (sort of) an entire saturday to it. :-)

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