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Published 6 years ago by MAGISTERLUDI with 2 Comments
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  • spaceghoti

    A senior administration official said there is nothing to indicate this was anything hostile on the part of any entity in Iran, adding that the U.S. has received high-level assurances that the sailors will be released promptly.

    Good to know that not everyone is interested in rattling sabers.

  • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 6 years ago)

    This is merely an opportunity for Iran to influence policy and the more immediate, President Obama's "State of the Union" spiel.

    President Obama's response to Iran's demands will be reflected in whether or not the captives are released immediately

    His immediate succession to any/all demands and the subsequent release of these servicemen will make him look a hero, and Iran well knows it.

    Unfortunately we will never know what he agreed to.

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