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Published 3 years ago by LisMan with 3 Comments

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  • leweb

    Still better than cancer. Considering my family history, I'd take this one.

  • Appaloosa

    Or in perspective, what if you knew death was coming for you. I have a feeling the answer would be fungible.

  • ohtwenty

    I had an interesting discussion about this recently with someone doing research that touched on the ability to predict how likely your cancer is to come back. The gist being that if things go well, we'll soon-ish be able to tell way ahead of time if cancer will grow resistant to drugs. If that were the case, would you be relieved to know you shouldn't bother going through chemo or whatever hell in a futile attempt to get rid of cancer?

    side note, i'm annoyed at the article for this: "It’s not a surprise to learn that one of the biggest insider-trading scandals in history involved a would-be Alzheimer’s drug" - why mention it if you can't be bothered linking to something about it, or at least naming it?

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