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Published 3 years ago by LisMan with 6 Comments

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  • NotWearingPants

    "New evidence"

    When did an accusation become evidence?

    • AdelleChattre

      I guess blaming sexual assault victims only gets one so far before you have to start equivocating like that.

      • NotWearingPants

        So anyone who makes a claim has to be believed?

        I'm not blaming any victim. However, claims of crimes are just words until proven. A claim itself isn't proof.

        Claims, as the basis for impeaching a SCOTUS judge are just political noise unless they can be/are proven.

        • AdelleChattre

          Really? All claims are true? Please.

          I've argued even recently that not all evidence is convincing evidence, and that secret evidence hardly counts as evidence at all, so I can relate to trying to nail that jelly to a tree.

          The article lets one link do a lot of work. If you don't already have an account at law.com, it's a free registration. You'll find, if you go to the trouble, I think, more than what you call 'an accusation,' or the claim every accusation is proof in itself, or whatever other strawmen you seem to be hanging around lately.

          As for the real victim here, poor little long-sufferering, so-disrespected Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, he'll make it through. He's no stranger to what he likes to call 'natural law.'

          Even if and when he is impeached, which I'll grant you is much more likely to be around his unwillingness to follow federal income disclosure rules about financial ties to groups before him at the Court, you'll still be saying "but he already got away with it!"

          • NotWearingPants

            nail that jelly to a tree.

            I like that, I'm so stealing it.

            Don't mistake my position as defending Thomas. I'm just at the point of being sick of the hypocrisy, gaslighting, and blatant talking points that pass for "news"

            Hollywood starlets played bouncy games on the casting couch to further their careers claiming rape 30 years later. metoo.

            Any story casting any politician of any "side" in a bad light. fake news.

            Another school shooting. Ban guns.

            Tell you what, lets Impeach Thomas, right after Bill Clinton is indicted for serial rape. Deal? (Yeah, he already got away with it too.)

            • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

              sick of the hypocrisy

              Understandable. Once, I respected John Lewis. Then I saw him after the election in full-on Red Scare mode, and learned better. It’s xenophobes all the way down.


              I’m sick of the word and how it’s constantly misused, let alone the practice itself. Honestly, I doubt very many of the monkeys in this barrel are smart enough to masterfully set about convincing someone they’re insane. Never ascribe to ‘gaslighting’ that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.

              blatant talking points that pass for “news”

              At some point, it doesn’t matter whether talking heads believe the hokum they spout. They operate within such a choking miasma of batshit that it’d be reassuring to find out it is kayfabe. Like Lewis’ The Reds Are Coming! The Reds Are Coming! crazytalk. Sometimes they’re not talking points. Sometimes they’re unintentionally revealing pathos:

              Hollywood starlets played bouncy games on the casting couch to further their careers claiming rape 30 years later

              Well, that’s a narrow slit through which to view a wide world. I’m thinking too narrow, personally. Maybe there’s more to #MeToo than you’re able or willing to see through the tiny keyhole you’re using. Things like, seriously, rape, workplace sexual harassment, guilty sex criminals, innocent victim-witnesses, campaigns of intimidation and reprisal for coming forward … You know, ugly, messy truth. Things that may not rustle your jimmies quite like blaming victims for being such whores, but that are certainly part of what #MeToo is about.

              Sure it’s a moral panic, a mass hysteria. Then again, we’re due for it. Electing a perv-in-chief made that certain. It’s a re-traumatization on a national scale.

              Another school shooting. Ban guns.

              It’s pathetic, agreed. Gun control is to Democrats what banning abortion is to Republicans. Head, meet wall; repeat.

              lets Impeach Thomas, right after Bill Clinton

              I’m in. If only we lived in a world where creeps like those weren’t above the law. Or weren’t the law themselves.

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