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Published 3 years ago with 3 Comments

Sunset at Sleeping Bear Point, August, 2011

The waves were very high that beautiful day.


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  • FivesandSevens (edited 3 years ago)

    The Sleeping Bear Dunes are my favorite vacation spot in the US, bar none. I've been going there at least once a year every year since I was a toddler, back when it was a brand new park. Truly a beautiful place. I even know the exact spot where your photos were taken, just west of Glen Arbor/Haven on the northernmost tip of the Sleeping Bear near the "ghost forest." We often hike, kayak, and swim there. We'll be there again in a week, even camping for a few days at the D.H. Day campground just down M109 from Sleeping Bear Point. Can't wait!

    Edit: Your second-to-last photo shows the southeast side of South Manitou Island in the distance. So just for fun here's a photo from last year, taken from that southeast shore of South Manitou, looking back at Sleeping Bear Point.

    The spot where your photo of the island was taken is somewhere above my right foot. I highly recommend making the trip out to camp on the island for a few nights, if you haven't already!

    • LisMan

      Lake Michigan was a bit more calm for your visit than when I was there. This year, I can visit only vicariously though you, so please post some more and have a great time.

      • FivesandSevens

        It's often calm there, on the lee side side of the island. I like seeing waves on the lake, but after them can come bad weather and/or much colder water from out in the middle of the lake, so they always make me nervous about our beach plans.

        I will definitely post pics here when I return. As you discovered, it's a very photogenic place, especially in the evening.

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