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Published 3 years ago with 7 Comments
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  • OldTallGuy (edited 3 years ago)

    Nice article but the author skipped a big chunk of the circle tour. The seemingly endless woods west of St. Ignace along the northern stretch of the Lake. The Door County and Washington Island areas of Wisconsin, areas full of small towns with specialty shops nestled in some of the small bays along the Lake and Green Bay. There are places of interest along the entire shore of Lake Michigan.

    • FivesandSevens (edited 3 years ago)

      Yeah. I enjoyed it, but whatever method he used for choosing sites eludes me. Skipping the most spectacular dunes in Lower Michigan - in the Sleeping Bear area - seemed like a weird oversight to me. It's actually kind of hard not to go there if you're headed north from Indiana, sticking to the coast or doing the circle tour, and bound for Traverse City.

      • Cobbydaler

        Yeah, love Sleeping Bear dunes. We also love Saugatuck, which wasn't mentioned either.

        • FivesandSevens

          That tears it! We'll just have to do a tour of the lake and get it right. To set the record straight for posterity, you understand. It'll be tough work, but these wrongs must be righted.

          • Cobbydaler

            Let's look into it!

            • FivesandSevens (edited 3 years ago)

              "Dear New York Times -

              We have an idea we know you will like because you already greenlighted and published an attempt at it. You must have noticed that you did not receive the story for which you recently paid, so we feel sure that you will be on board for additional expenditures to finish the job. No doubt your editors are aware of our work on Snapzu and have been frustrated by our choice to remain anonymous until now. We will, of course, be happy to share our true identities with your payroll department upon receipt of the standard cash advance. We are certain that you will be pleased with our work and agree that the various Detroit-made, rental sports cars we have arranged as our transportation will please both your advertising and expense account managers.


              FivesandSevens, OldTallGuy and Cobbydaler

              P.S. It may be best to alert your various Northern Michigan and Wisconsin bureau chiefs that our methods are above reproach and, in the interests of expediency, our reciepts need not be examined before reimbursement."

            • OldTallGuy
              @FivesandSevens -

              Simple and Priceless! I like how you think.

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