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Published 9 months ago with 4 Comments

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  • leweb

    Sounds like the kind of problem only a stupid bureaucratic government can create.

    • Gozzin

      They live to do this kind of stuff. It brings them such joy.

  • Appaloosa

    FTA “They say it’s for all of us so we can enjoy it, and then they turn around and block things off, which means you and I can’t go out there.”

  • NinjaKlaus

    It’s the public’s land, but I think they feel that it’s their land, not really the public’s land.

    Duh, the Government owns it all, you peons are just allowed to use it when you pay a daily or nightly rate at an approved location. We have a National Forest here and most of the area designated camp friendly requires $10-$20 a night and the forestry service is looking for an increase to $20-$30. If you buy a $50-$100 year Hunting License with Big Game you can stay in Wildlife Management Areas, but I believe those are state-run, not Forestry Service.

    “We truly do understand the attachment these leaseholders have and we recognize the challenge it posed for them, but the intent of the 25-year period was to allow them the time to find a place to move those camps.”

    Lies from the beauracrats, you can't live off the grid, what place were they going to find, the US Government owns most land like this, also I imagine they fall afoul of the water rule, EPA claims government right to 1500 feet from navigable water, if they bought their own land there is a high likely hood they would not be allowed to remain off-grid, they really were just given 25 years to learn a new way of life.

    Personally, they should have seen the rent or whatever increase to current market rate and pay per year and that money used and put back into the forestry service and national park programs.

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