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Published 3 years ago with 17 Comments

Reddit experience the past couple of days

It's light, its dark. It's up, its down... True parody of itself.. It's time for Reddit to get out of its own way and time for me to find a new and friendlier community

  • It looks nice here

    Moving into a new neighborhood is always a little nerve racking... Especially from a well established one to a new subdivision.. Even if the new neighborhood is nicer, the old one is comfortable and familiar...

    With recent events and getting dinked around?

    I really wish to put the old neighborhood in the rear view mirror...

    Howdy neighbor!


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  • theaceoface

    I like this place. I just wish it was a little more lively. A lot of these posts have very little comments.

    • Stratocoaster

      I also like this site so far, but I agree with you. Seems quiet around here.

      • Rimio

        I'd rather build on a quiet place than try to filter out the noise. The users will come, we just need to post quality content.

      • zaywolfe

        Quiet isn't bad. On reddit if you didn't comment within the first hour of a post, your comment basically didn't matter. Now we get to have conversations and actually be seen.

    • Noisestrike

      At least we're getting posts and users. That's the primary goal.

      • LimitedMind

        I can get past the quietness at first, at least I don't feel like I have to sift and filter through a bunch of nonsense to get to the content I want...

        Bonus: I haven't been called a fag yet.

        • Beta


          ...n of snapzu I see

    • m8gege

      It feels like there are only a handful of people on here, I read the same usernames over and over again. I mean its not that bad, the users are nice and it`s like a private party on here Great community

  • ArtsyOwl

    I came here from Reddit as well, I hardly posted there in the last few months apart from on one or two subreddits. The atmosphere on there had changed somewhat in the last few months, and it was turning me off going there. I am looking forward to see how interesting this place will be in the coming months.

  • Zeta

    I feel where you're coming from Limited, after many years of reddit (6) on several accounts, It was time to say enough is enough. Kicked my shoes off and looking forward to what SZ holds in-store for us.

  • Fooferhill

    The old neighbourhood was run down, needing renovation and run by a gang of fools. Happy to relocate.

  • Fooferhill

    maybe there should be a tribe just for recovering reddits.

  • Ladysfi

    I can't wait to see how SZ handles things now that they have had their user base triple. It is hard to get off of Reddit even though people were just getting so nasty I never posted anything. I never felt welcome there, I just liked the information and comedy it provided. Here, I felt welcome and free to post almost immediately.

    • thinkerbell

      That's exactly how I felt over there. Every post or comment you were worried if someone what going to call you names or downvote you to oblivion for no reason. Snapzu feels safe.

    • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

      Yup,except for a few subs,I just read. This is a much nicer place. Trolls get tossed over the bridge here.

  • septimine

    I'm coming back to snapzu from reddit, I still sorta do both, but I think reddit is going downhill fast.

  • Gozzin

    Howdy! Welcome to Snapzu.

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