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Published 5 years ago by LacquerCritic with 7 Comments

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  • ChelsG

    I literally just applied this very lip balm. I guess all natural isn't always all that great?

    • LacquerCritic

      There are plenty of all natural ingredients that are awesome...it just so happens that there are also boatloads of synthetic ingredients that are also awesome. From her picture, it's probably just an allergic reaction; EOS has a fair number of essential oils in them.

  • secretcity

    Ugh. Frankly, many cosmetics companies (indie, especially) could potentially run the risk of contaminants. I've never used EOS and certainly won't now. But hopefully for the sake of their customer base, they will be able to identify the problem(s) and rectify them safely and in a timely manner.

    • LacquerCritic

      My concern is that the person in the case is having an allergic reaction to one of the many essential oils and other natural ingredients in the product. In that case there's nothing inherently wrong with the product and there is nothing to rectify.

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