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It's time to Get Out! Banish negative energy for good.

Banish negative energy for good with this easy process. Chase out unwanted spirits, cleanse a 'haunted space' and restore a positive, welcoming environment.

  • Follow this easy process to banish negative energy and keep it banished from your environment.

    To banish negative energy or spirits

    What you'll need: • A black candle (white is less symbolic but will work) • Something to cleanse your ritual space (salt water, smudging stick, sage incense would all be fine.) • Anything to cast a circle (I don't use anything except salt - completely up to you) • A pentacle - draw one on a piece of paper if you don't have one, it will work just as well as an expensive shop bought one.

    Cleanse the space where you will be working with salt water, or by smudging the area. Next cast your circle and do it very mindfully and carefully, with a focus on protection. The circle needs to keep you safe as you banish negative energy, preventing the energies from attaching themselves to you.

    Place your candle in the center of your pentacle. Then focusing on your intent, light the candle and say:

    "I call on powers far and near banish negative energy To banish what’s not welcome here. By this candle, with this charm, I banish all that would cause harm. This I ask, this charge I lay. Send unwanted things away."

    As you speak these words, see the negative energy dissipating. You can see it as being blown away, as dissolving into nothing, as fleeing from you, or whatever works best.

    Then, visualize the circle of light from the candle expanding and rushing forward to consume, scare and finally banish negative energy. See the flames extending out as far as they can go. When you feel ready, and the flames are no longer growing, pinch out the candle and end the ritual.

    You may want to follow this with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, as a means of cleansing your space and your own energy, or lighting a banishing incense.

    The following are banishing incenses and will assist you in your attempts to banish negative energy and maintain the sanctity of a space.

    • Basil
    • Red Pepper
    • Dragons Blood
    • Cedar
    • ♥for Blessings and Protection use Sandalwood, or Jasmine

    Amber | http://intothesoul.com


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