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The Ace of Pentacles

What does the Ace of Pentacles mean when it appears in your reading? Learn to interpret it, and understand it's meaning in Love, Health, Finance and Relationship readings.

  • Meanings & Interpretations

    The Ace of Pentacles represents the manifestation of will. That which was intended or desired has been created. The creation is a result of diligence. Through time, effort and work spent in the other suits of the Tarot, this Ace has been created. The intelligent, analytical powers of the Swords, combined with the effort, determination and activity of the Wands, along with the creative, expansive, intuitive, social mindedness of the Cups has been realised.

    The combined energies, have together, brought into existence the Ace of Pentacles. It is a very real, solid and tangible manifestation of ‘will. Notice the Ace bears the Pentagram, a magical symbol. The Pentacle bears the pentagram because it was created through 'magical' workings. Magic is the manifestation of 'will' - that is why it is inscribed on the pentacle.

    All of the aces in the Tarot represent the 'spirit' of the suit, and this should be something that comes to mind when interpreting them. The Ace of Pentacles, as the spirit of the suit, represents the potential to realise your goals and secure wealth. The Ace is the place from where everything becomes possible, achievable – and not too far out of your reach.

    For these reasons the Ace of Pentacles always augurs a positive and unequivocal message. Be happy when you see that this card is in your reading. It is positive when it appears on its own, and also has a tendency to lessen the severity of any negative or difficult cards that appear around it.

    This Ace is telling you that you can have what you want. It is prompting and encouraging you to believe in yourself, and also nudging you forward so that you begin to ask yourself how you can best set out to achieve your goals or desired outcome.

  • All the cards in the suit of pentacles, one way or another, make reference to the need to strike a balance between the spiritual or metaphysical world and the material one.

    View the 14 Cards that comprise the suit of Pentacles here : http://intothesoul.com/the-tarot/pentacles/

    The image in the Ace of Pentacles warns that the lure of wealth and financial gain can be limiting and overwhelming. The implicit warning is that in the pursuit of material possessions and money, you will lose your ability to appreciate that which is all around you. What you have loses value and you become caught up in the rat race of life where there is no such thing as ‘enough’, and you are never satisfied with or able to enjoy what is yours.

    Wealth can blind us and money can imprison us, be true to your will. Do not lose sight of who you are. Ideally you want to be The Magician who uses the Pentacle, not the archetype of the Four of Pentacles who lives in fear guarding his Pentacle unhappily on his own. What was initially good fortune has become a burden – a self imposed one.

    In the Ace of Pentacles our archetype has forsaken his spiritual journey – which is represented by the mountain and the path winding around it. She is no longer treading the path to spiritual enlightenment. She has abandoned that, perhaps temporarily, to work inside and out of sight, behind a fenced off garden. The world is no longer expansive, it has become limited and regulated.

    The beauty of the surrounds is lost to the archetype of the Ace of Pentacles. She is elsewhere, possibly counting her money, and not paying attention to the beauty around her. Despite the gateway to the property being open – no one is coming or going. No one is held against their will, whatever choice is made about the duration of the stay indoors and away from the mountain, it is completely self determined and a choice of free will.

    If one does not take charge of, appreciate and direct their life per their true will, how then can they benefit from the material rewards of the pentacles? The answer is they cannot. The reward may become a burden, the financial gain may cause anxiety and mistrust, and one's illusions, and, or baser self, may take over. To truly reap the rewards of the Pentacles one must never lose sight of the original goals, or become overwhelmed by external circumstances. The end result, does not justify the means – you cannot sacrifice the people you love for the possessions you desire.

    The cards in the pentacles suit show us that reversal of fortunes is always a possibility, and that we should never put possessions or material wealth before our spirituality or the people we love. In the event that you succumb to the power of your possessions, a reversal of fortune will see you worse off than you ever were previously as you now lack community as well as finance. The warnings are particularly blatant in a couple of the cards – such as the Four and Five of Pentacles. The message in these two cards is virtually impossible to overlook. The rest may not scream it out at us, but all carry a warning reference to it.

    In the Five of Pentacles we are shown a couple that are alone and impoverished. They are out in the freezing winter, in front of what appears to be a place of worship. They are dressed poorly, and the wind is blowing through their unsuitably light clothing. No one is there to help, and the implication is that even if they were there, help would not be offered.

    Without access to the warmth and comfort of shelter these two are lost, and the bond between them seems all that they may have. The two were previously members of the place of worship they are standing outside of. They have neglected their community and loved ones in their time of success. They are now strangers, and unfortunately there is no good will left to be extended to them. They are on their own and the only opportunity for salvaging their life seems to be through the reformation of bonds within the spiritual community they strayed from. Therefore they must start again.

  • The Ace of Pentacles as the manifestation of will, is a responsibility to carry wisely. It bears the magical symbol of the pentagram because in layman's terms the manifestation of will, is the essence of all magic.

    Wealth is manageable for some and ruinous for others. Beware the curse of Kind Midas and remember to be heart-lead and focused on people as opposed to possessions. Life is nothing without love, and wealth can vanish as quickly as it can appear. "Don’t be fooled by greed or fear. Don't let it be you that comes undone," says the tarot. Indicating that everyone is at risk for losing what they own or possess. In the event that all material wealth is lost, people who have succumbed to greed may well be left with nothing at all if they succumbed to the lure of greed. This is the burden or responsibility you bear.

    It is very important to see that the Pentacles are about the creation. The Ace is generally referring to something that you already have, or have set in motion. Your plans have begun to take shape and you are encouraged to further invest in them. Do not be limited by the walls around you - go forth and seek your fortunes. It is easy to see that a person may chose to stay safely in the garden, and not venture out into the world that awaits them. This would mean they cease to manifest their will. Rise to the challenge and reap the rewards - the path is clear , the gate is open. You must seize the day - as long as you do, your plans will fall into place.

    In the most practical of senses, the pentacles literally represent liquid assets, money in your hand. They speak to your financial concerns and offer insight for business and investment outlooks. When the Ace of Pentacles is in your reading you can safely interpret it as predicting successful beginnings to new businesses and money making ventures. Be confident that venture capital opportunities will pay off, and that stocks or bonds that you chose to place money in will reward you. The new energy you put into the achievement of material and financial goals will be rewarded positively. If you are willing to invest yourself in the work (intentions), the outcome will be everything you are wanting it to be (manifestation of will).

    I often see this Ace as a reference to a lump sum of money coming to a person. This could be a fund maturing, a tax return, a windfall or inheritance. It’s always great to see the Ace of Pentacles in a spread as it indicates the beginning of new energy and revitalised interest in the material or financial areas of your life. Positive growth for business and investments are foretold and it’s a pleasure to interpret. No matter what, this is a “yes” card , whatever question or circumstance you are worrying over or enquiring about, will work out in your favour. You can relax, all will be well.

    Ace of Pentacles Reversed, Ace Pents Reversed, Ace Pents RxTo me, the ace says that no matter what your fears, you should relax and give away your anxiety. This card is telling you that you are okay; you should happily accept its assurance that a cycle of prosperity has begun and that it is ‘real’. This success or good fortune is not going to be taken away – no one will pull the rug from beneath your feet. You will continue forward successfully, being able to take care of yourself and your family and retaining the (will) power to create the life you want. The world is your oyster.

  • The Ace of Pentacles Reversed (rx)

    The Ace of Pentacles is seen as being so positive that even in reversal its message of good fortune remains undiminished. This line of interpretation sees the reversal as exaggerating the positive aspects of the card and heralding good fortune on a grandiose scale. For example, a lottery ticket will not bring a windfall but a fortune, an inheritance is not so much a nice chunk of cash, but a trust fund that supports you for life.

    Remember the warning of the pentacles, if you see the signs of exaggerated good fortune in your reading. The key here is that material possessions will on their own do nothing for you – it is the people and the spiritual life that brings meaning and happiness. One also is encouraged to see that the things you own, can end up owning you. Do not become enslaved to the upkeep of possessions, or the fear of their loss... you are the master of your own will, and you should behave and believe accordingly.

    In a health reading the Ace of Pentacles, in addition to reassuring you of overall physical wellbeing could indicate you making an investment in your health. You might be putting time into your fitness, or changing your lifestyle and diet to an optimal one. If you're waiting on a medical test or result to come through, the result will be as hoped for. In terms of a relationship the Ace of Pentacles symbolises strength and resilience in the relationship. I see it as meaning this relationship is real, built on a foundation that is solid and protected from the interference of outsiders. These two are more than in love, they are committed, have a foundation of trust and are stepping forward together. I also see it as a step forward for a couple such as a property purchase, or joint investment. A relationship described by the Ace Pentacles is one that is getting stronger and stronger, and shows no sign of faltering. If a financial or business outlook is being described by this Ace, then conditions are favourable. New business opportunities should be invested in (sensibly), growth and expansion of existing business is indicated. In terms of a career path, this Ace may represent a pay rise or bonus, a promotion, or commission. It also may indicate an offer coming through - such as the paperwork on a new job offer.

  • Thoth Tarot, The Ace of Discs

    In the Thoth Tarot, the suit of Pentacles is known as Discs. The Ace of Discs, is well worth having a look at, there is so much information contained in the card, and Crowley's personality shines strongly throughout every detail of it. It contains Crowley's personal seal, the 666 of the Beast. The imagery in this card is very sexually descriptive it is quite easy to see the male and female genitalia represented here. This card is brimming with information and magic - as is the entire deck. The Ace of Discs also has the Princess of Discs (page of pentacles) trying emphatically to ingratiate herself to the powerful energy of the Ace (and therefore be the female counterpart to Crowley's phallus).


    The Ace of Discs rules the Aries-Taurus-Gemini quadrant above the North Pole, and the area of Europe and Africa. Original Title: The Root of the Powers of the Earth. The Ace of Pentacles' elementary dignitary is Earth, therefore it is associated with the Astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

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