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Published 3 years ago with 7 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Wow, that pic of Saturn is amazing.

    • Appaloosa

      Yes...and M42 Neb is nice and crisp. Intergage, you obviously have a hankering for astrology, you don't just point a telescope up in the sky and shoot. It takes real precision.

  • Maternitus (edited 3 years ago)

    When I look into the sky, I never see those colors: it's all grey, black and white. I still wonder why.

    Edit: I am not colourblind.

    • Entrepreneur

      Beautiful!!! Interesting fact: The red light from the Lagoon Nebula M8

      The Lagoon Nebula will appear gray because our naked eyes are not sensitive enough to see its true color. But through a telescope it is invariably red. This color is caused by hydrogen gas and the spray becoming ionized by the strong light of the massive stars that are located in the mist. Nebulae, like M8, also have HII regions called HII where the mist is in an ionized hydrogen state. This hydrogen has lost its excess energy which makes it radiate and consequently makes the nebula visible. It is one of the largest of its kind in the Milky Way but in other galaxies tens of thousands of stars exist at the same time with similar forms. In the Lagoon Nebula, this number is in the hundreds.

      • Maternitus (edited 3 years ago)

        You just gave me a valid reason to save up for a telescope. :-)

      • Intergage

        Adding to this, the reason you get color like in the photos is because these are 1000's of photos stacked on top of each other. Each single frame of all those objects are grayscale as I can't track long enough to have a massive exposure time. I'm currently selling my setup and upgrading to a better setup for photography. Once I get the new setup, the mount will be able to track what ever object I'm shooting to it's true course. The sky doesn't move left to right, or from one side to the other, it moves in an eclipes almost. Tracking the movement of objects that are at your Zenth (Straight up) get a lot of rotation, thus stopping very long exposure settings.

  • CatLady

    Beautiful pictures! NGC 7078 is my favorite of the bunch.

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