• TheAmerican

    In no way is the Apple Watch flopping. It has outsold every other smart watch by orders of magnitude and the only thing in its category that has outsold it is an overpriced pedometer. The Apple watch had a meteoric launch day compared to every other smart device and it has still been outselling every other smart watch even though daily sales are 90% below what they were at launch.

    Literally the first sentence in the article is wrong. Years of hype? They announced the Apple Watch in September of 2014 and the first deliveries happened in June of 2015. That's 8 months. The first month of Apple Watch sales beat 2013 and 2014 Android wear sales combined. Reasonable estimates put Apple Watch sales at 14 million through the end of 2015. Thats 14 million in 6 months. Even if they are shy of that at like 10 million, sales of Apple Watch destroy Android wear.

    Then the next thing they talk about is the celebrities who were seen wearing the Apple Watch. Drake is right handed. Look up video of him signing autographs. That means he wears his watch on his left hand which is partially hidden in the photo. The next guy is literally wearing big ass cuffs. That's like asking a Calvin Klein underwear model why he's covering his underwear with pants. Beyonce isn't wearing any accessories whatsoever in that photo which means it looks like she decided not to wear her watch. It just doesn't go with the image she's created that night.

    This whole thing is click bait.