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Published 5 years ago by Havok with 2 Comments

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  • ddecator

    Like the article mentions, this probably won't have much real utility. Even the general heart rate, movement, etc. tracking of these wearables worries me a bit, because (having done some research using activity monitors) there are a lot of conditions that skew the data and make them hard to interpret. It's an interesting goal, sure, and it can be useful in several circumstances (e.g., heart rate tracking while going for a run), but they're just not enough for these types of uses. And especially not enough for meaningful data collection and analyses (in my opinion).

    • Havok

      Honestly, I think these wearable computers are still very much in the beta stage. The sensors aren't anywhere near where they should be for the accessibility they tout in the adverts. Still, it's great to see devs starting to think on their feet in this field as well.

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