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Published 4 years ago with 0 Comments

Marriage Equality: Bring Your Family With You

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  • About the Video

    Irish LGBT youth and parents coalition call for a Yes vote in the forthcoming marriage equality referendum. The BeLonG To lead coalition call on everyone to talk to their family and friends about why marriage equality is so important and to work for a Yes vote

    The coalition includes: Barnardos, Headstrong, Youth Work Ireland, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre, EPIC - Empowering Young People in Care, Children's Rights Alliance, Childline - ISPCC, Foróige, Loving Our Out Kids, Yes Equality

    Cast: Brian Gleeson, Aaron Heffernan, Ruth McCabe, Steve Wall, Elva Trill, Kelly Campbell, Denise McCormack, Eric Lalor, Alan Archbold, Chris Newman, Scott Graham, Sarah Jane Seymour, Emily O'Callaghan

    Voiceover: Norma Sheahan

    Written & Directed by Aoife Kelleher and Hugh Rodgers Produced by Invisible Thread Films https://vimeo.com/invisiblethread

    Music track "All I want" by Kodaline courtesy of RCA Records/ Kobalt Music Publishing.

    Casting Director: Louise Kiely Editor: Hugh Rodgers Production Manager: Aoife Carey Director of Photography: Eleanor Bowman Focus Puller: Gavin Reilly Camera Assistant: Pauline Rowan Jib Operator: Mick Whelan Sound: Colm O'Meara Make Up and Hair: Edwina Akano Runners: Niall Treston and Benedict Shegog Stills Photographer: Emily O'Callaghan Colour Correction: Michael Higgins Sound Mix: Locky Butler Concept Development Advisor: Jamie Nanci Barron

    Executive Producer: Michael Barron Copyright BeLonG To Youth Services 2015

    Thank you to all the extras who generously donated their time to the filming.

    Thanks also to the Seamus Ennis Centre, Killian's Bar, Snip and Set hairdressers, Martha Fitzpatrick & Aidan Comerford, Pauline Keeling, Fred & Barbara Keeling, Gary Nethaway, Bob Gallagher, Adrian Mullan, Lindsay Campbell, Niall Woods, Ger O'Donoghue, Catherine Conaty, Lisa Richards Agency, Macfarlane Chard Associates Ireland, The Agency, Lorraine Brennan Management, Cine Electric.


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