• Maternitus (edited 1 month ago)

    Update: I have made a regular sambal oelek with the peppers. (Oelek is the Indonesian term for grinding, so the sambal is just ground peppers with a pinch of salt. I use that as a base for more complex sambals, like Badjak or Brandal). Anyways, it tastes really awesome and it's already been used for some marinades, which gave the meats a real kick in the ass.
    At the moment my rendang padang is cooking really slowly towards the divine dish that it is. Every twenty minutes it gets a gentle stir and by tonight it will be done. A grand total of about eight to nine hours of extremely slow cooking. And the tasting I do at every stirring is getting spicier and more complex. I couldn't make this dish for about a year, because I had real troubles finding a house, I've been on the edge of homelesness, I was so fucking lucky to find the place I live now. But being all that stressed out and nearly bonkers because of the situation, I couldn't find the patience or love for the dish (and painting also). So this event is special for me.